This Sunday (6/7) – Pride Sunday

Pride Month is in June (in the United States) because of the Stonewall riots in 1969, and while this year’s public celebrations and activities are somewhat curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we encourage you to join us in a celebration and memorial of our departed LGBTQ+ ancestors. Please take some time before the ritual to think about someone you would like to honor and commemorate, as we will be naming them and building a virtual ancestor shrine during the ritual. If you have a digital photo (or a link to one) , that would also be helpful!

This ritual will be conducted in the ADF style of Druidry, meaning that you may find it useful to bring things like a cup of clear cool water, a beverage of your choice for ritual toasting and the Blessing Cup, and anything that you wish to present as an Offering during that part of ritual. We will explain these steps in more detail at the start of ritual, if you are unfamiliar with the ADF ritual format.

This ritual will be held on Zoom – virtual coffee hour starts at 3pm, and the ritual will begin at 4pm:

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