This Sunday (8/30) – Ritual: Urban Paganism

Where is the home of my soul? In this strange Quarantime, this oddly altered “new normal” in which everything familiar is different and we must absorb new realities every day, we can find an opportunity to examine, in depth, our own spiritual world. This ritual will give individual opportunities to explore one’s own specific spiritual landscape. We invite you to spend some time reviewing your own beliefs, practices, habits and challenges. Please be prepared with a candle and means of lighting it; a journal, notebook, sketchbook, or paper and means of writing (or drawing as suits you) in it; a snack and beverage of your choice that you will enjoy eating during the work of the ritual; and your preferred method of purifying yourself (that might be a bowl of water, incense, salt, or whatever you are most comfortable with.)”Join us at – we’ll open our virtual space for social time at 3, and start the ritual at 4.

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