This Sunday (5/3): Beltane

The word ‘Beltane’ roughly translates as ‘bright fire’ and dates back to the Iron Age Celts. Fire was seen as an agent of purification and people walked, danced, or jumped over Beltane Bonfires. Farmers drove their livestock between two fires to cleanse and protect them before being put out into the fields for the summer. Most of us may not have livestock, but our need for purification is strong. Join us for an ADF-style ritual in which we will bolster our immunity and resolve to get through the rest of the COVID-19 crisis.

Props you will need at home to participate fully: a candle or two and a fire source; pen & paper or a journal; divination tools of your choice, Tarot or otherwise; a cup of a special or favorite beverage for the blessing cup; and optionally a clean bowl if you wish to make personal/physical offerings during Praise Offerings section of ritual. At the end of ritual we will talk about how to dispose of those offerings afterward.

Join Zoom Meeting – We will be online at 3 pm CDT for our virtual coffee hour, and ritual starts at 4.

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